• I just would like to thank you for the fine course you delivered again this week.  Having the opportunity to get in touch with such an overwhelming experience, expertise and knowledge in the FSTD world always adds value to our FSTD operations and management.  The ability of the instructors to dig deep into the details of any topic covered throughout the course – always with a fine sense of humour - is truly impressive. 

    Thanks again for sharing your wisdom....

    - Principal Quality/Compliance Assurance Manager, NATO

  • The course covered all the required information in a very clear and understandable manner… and was well orientated towards the evaluation of helicopter synthetic training devices. A subtle balance, well appreciated, was found, by the instructors between theoretical and hands on training. The instruction was very clear and easy to follow. The course material was very complete and will be read frequently after the course. We are confident that the FSTD Evaluators’ Course will significantly help the NLMod in the future evaluations of military synthetic training devices.

    - J.Kunst. Cdr. Royal Netherlands Navy

  • Really enjoyed interacting with such a group of learned individuals, but you guys are really tough on evaluators!

    - T.C.

  • You guys are magnificent. Thank you once again for the clarification.

    And I am looking forward to working with you Guru's when the opportunity arise.

    Ken Lee - Manager of B777 FSTD's, Singapore Airlines

  • The course was very interesting and worthwhile indeed, as well as very important for our STD inspectors training required.

    - H.T.

  • Excellent Instructors with huge knowledge & experience and a great will to share it and discuss items.

    - EADS

  • Thanks for a superb course. I know I speak for all in saying that you and your fellow instructors are very knowledgeable and your instructional techniques were excellent. A superb combination, we could not have asked for better. Thanks again.

    - Jim (from a US-based operator)

  • We still strongly believe that the course was worthwhile attending. We enjoyed every moment of it and appreciated your efforts to share your vast knowledge and experiences with us.

    - A.D.