• I consider the course worthwhile in my new job.

    - I.N.

  • The course presenters were extremely knowledgable & shared their experience freely. I enjoyed the occasional humour as well.

    Captain - South Africa.

  • I really enjoyed the practical & visual exercises in the course.

    - Britannia Airlines

  • We still strongly believe that the course was worthwhile attending. We enjoyed every moment of it and appreciated your efforts to share your vast knowledge and experiences with us.

    - A.D.

  • First of all thank you for a very good course. The course was well organized and well conducted by your staff.

    - O.O.

  • The course covered all the required information in a very clear and understandable manner… and was well orientated towards the evaluation of helicopter synthetic training devices. A subtle balance, well appreciated, was found, by the instructors between theoretical and hands on training. The instruction was very clear and easy to follow. The course material was very complete and will be read frequently after the course. We are confident that the FSTD Evaluators’ Course will significantly help the NLMod in the future evaluations of military synthetic training devices.

    - J.Kunst. Cdr. Royal Netherlands Navy

  • I have just received by mail the certificate of the TTI course that we did in Schiphol. I will never forget this course, because of the topics that we learned from extremely experienced and kind people and the nice atmosphere created. Thank you very much to all of you allowing this to happen.

    - NATO

  • A very informative course which was conducted professionally. The instructors are obviously the “authority” figures of the subject.

    - Captain, Flight Operations Inspector, CAA of Singapore