• Do I have to run every QTG test every year, and if so can I run them all together as a batch ? Read answer

  • On a helicopter FSTD we developed and tuned the controls loading model to fully match the controls force/position measurements taken in a reference aircraft provided by the customer, but during subjective evaluation the pilots requested about 30% controls force increase. To readjust the model is an easy task but then we loose any objective reference. What would you suggest to handle this situation from a formal point of view? Read answer

  • Because of unavoidable differences between the sim tests and the real world (gusts, turbulence… that cannot be accurately characterized in the reference flight test data) an exact replication of all control inputs usually tends toward divergent behaviour even in a model otherwise perceived as fully representative by the pilots. Which tolerances/deviations might be acceptable for those control inputs not being the direct object of the validation test performed (i.e. lateral/directional for a longitudinal step response check)? Read answer

  • For validation tests, it is quite common to get slight deviations in the trim/starting conditions with regard to the reference data which, although within tolerance, effectively reduce the allowable margin for the simulator responses. Might it be acceptable to offset the tolerance band so as to be centered in the actual trim/starting conditions during the test? Read answer

  • We train Pilots and other Crewmembers on various rotary wing aircraft for military purposes and are trying to form standards similar to the FAA... The question I have is what is the standard for visual models? While integrated with the host computer how many moving models, e.g., trucks, planes, etc., should be seen in one screen? Read answer