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  • Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific) - May 2011

    Graduates & Instructors

    Back Row (left to right)
    Kadri Somer Guney (SSM Turkey), Dom Pottie (Cathay Pacific), Fahretttin Bilgin (SSM Turkey), Andy Ramsden (TTI), Don Irving (TTI), Chuk Ng (Cathay Pacific), Brian Hampson (TTI), Chris Ayres (Cathay Pacific), Edward Yan (Cathay Pacific), Aaron Tse (Cathay Pacific)

    Front Row (left to right)
    Murat Kira (SSM Turkey), Leon Mare (Cathay Pacific)

    Taking picture
     Bob Earp (TTI)


  • Burgess Hill, UK (CAE) - April 2011

    Graduates & Instructors (l to r)

    Ilkka Laine (Austrocontrol), Udo Niedemüller (Aviation Academy - Austria), Ron Sarich (TTI), Manuel Gottwa (Aviation Academy - Austria), Robert Novak (Jet Alliance), Antonio Vettor (ENAC), Joe DePaola (TTI), Fred Thun (CAE), Mark Richards (CAE), Brian Hampson (TTI)

    Taking picture
    Bob Earp (TTI)


  • Hong Kong (Cahay Pacific) - December 2010

    Graduates & Instructors

    back row (left to right)
    Bob Earp (TTI). Anthony Kwok (HKCAD), David Lohse (Catahy Pacific), Henrik Kolding (Dragon Air), Don Irving (TTI), Steve Smith (Cathay Pacific), Jon O'Halloran (Cathay Pacific), Neil Cothran (Catahy Pacific), Andy Ramsden (TTI), Chris O'Dea (Cathay Pacific)

    Front Row (left to right
    Matt Fullwood (Cathay Pacific), Duncan Wan (HKCAD, Michael Lau (HKCAD), Gabrielle Ascenzo (HKCAD), Ian McClelland (Cathay Pacific)


  • Amsterdam (FSC) - November 2010

    Graduates & Instructors ( l to r)

    Brad Lerner (Transport Canada), Allesandro Busco (Superjet International), Vanda Marandiuc (Romanian CAA), Don Irving (TTI), Pantelis Tzinikos (NATO),  Marlon Orr (Seychelles CAA), Pedro Gonzalez (NATO) (kneeling), Kwok, Kyung Il (Korea Aerospace Industries), Mario Lorenzini (ENAC), Giancarlo Banchetti (ENAC), Michael Farrell (Irish CAA), Joe DePaola (TTI), Yang, Seung Yeul (Korea Aerospace Industries), André Soulière (Transport Canada, Harald Schneider (Axis Flight Training Systems). Mario Selis (ENAC), Murph Morrison (TTI)

    Taking picture, Bob Earp (TTI)




  • Amsterdam (CAE Hoofddorp) - July 2010

    Graduates & Instructors (l to r)

    Murph Morrison (TTI), Joe DePaola (TTI), Jan Skaarup (Danish CAA), Don Irving (TTI), Nicolas Martel (ETOPS/Mechtornix), Stéphane Bonnefont (ETOPS/Mechtronix), Kjell Anders Opstad (Norwegian CAA), Branko Jovanovic (LBA), Bob Earp (TTI)