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  • Amsterdam (CAE - Hoofddorp) - November 2011

    Graduates & Instructors (l to r)

    Dallen Masters (NAPMA/NATO), Maj. Jason Geitgey (NAPMA/NATO), Joe DePaola (TTI), Esa Tiainen (Finnair), Malcolm Blackwood (TTI), Remco de Waard (IVW), Luis Baile (NAPMA/NATO), Jussi Jaatinen (Finnair), Peter Broos (IVW), Lt. Col. Joerg D. Walter (NAPMA/NATO), Paul Fox (AgustaWestland).  

    Not in picture - Don Irving (TTI).  Taking picture - Bob Earp (TTI)



  • Riga, Latvia (Air Baltic Training) - August 2011

    Graduates & Instructors (l to r)

    Jeremy Baldwin (Latvian CAA), Thabiso (TC) Tolo (South African CAA), Inars Auzina (Latvian CAA), Malcolm Blackwood (TTI), Maksims Krasula (Air Baltic Training), Vilmantas Mazonas (Air Baltic Training), Johan Niemand (South African CAA), Paulius Lipnickas (Lithuanian CAA), Andy Ramsden (TTI), Rizwan Hafeez (Oxford Aviation Academy), Brian Hampson (TTI), Bob Earp (TTI)

  • Singapore (SIA) - June 2011

    Graduates & Instructors (l to r)

    Sheikh Mattar (Singapore Airlines), George Foo (CAAS), Harry Lim (CAAS), Bob Earp (TTI), Jerry Liew (CAAS), Don Irving (TTI), Simon Ho (CAAS), Mah Ching Poh (CAAS), Manie Van Niekerk (SACAA), Ntebeng Kotu-Rammopo (SACAA), Brian Hampson (TTI), Tan Wee Lee (CAAS),  Fahed Al-Ahmed (Kuwait DGCA), Jeff Quek (Singapore Airlines)

    Not in picture, Tan Kah Han (CAAS), Andy Ramsden (TTI)


  • Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific) - May 2011

    Graduates & Instructors

    Back Row (left to right)
    Kadri Somer Guney (SSM Turkey), Dom Pottie (Cathay Pacific), Fahretttin Bilgin (SSM Turkey), Andy Ramsden (TTI), Don Irving (TTI), Chuk Ng (Cathay Pacific), Brian Hampson (TTI), Chris Ayres (Cathay Pacific), Edward Yan (Cathay Pacific), Aaron Tse (Cathay Pacific)

    Front Row (left to right)
    Murat Kira (SSM Turkey), Leon Mare (Cathay Pacific)

    Taking picture
     Bob Earp (TTI)


  • Burgess Hill, UK (CAE) - April 2011

    Graduates & Instructors (l to r)

    Ilkka Laine (Austrocontrol), Udo Niedemüller (Aviation Academy - Austria), Ron Sarich (TTI), Manuel Gottwa (Aviation Academy - Austria), Robert Novak (Jet Alliance), Antonio Vettor (ENAC), Joe DePaola (TTI), Fred Thun (CAE), Mark Richards (CAE), Brian Hampson (TTI)

    Taking picture
    Bob Earp (TTI)