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  • Venice, Italy (SuperJet) - June 2014

    Graduates & Instructors ( l to r)

    Sonia Mancuso (SuperJet), Brian Marsh (AgustaWestland), Fransesco Scantambulo (SuperJet), Daniele Masiero (SuperJet), Roberto Rossi (SuperJet), Andy Ramsden (TTI), Gianni Tomasella (SuperJet), Malcolm Blackwood (TTI), Pietro Di Paolo (SuperJet), Bob Earp (TTI), Sebastiaan Rodermond (Moog), Jurius Jaksis (SuperJet), Andre Souliere (TTI)

  • Sanya, Hainan (Hainan Airlines) - April 2014

    Graduates & Instructors ( l to r)

    Valentinas Mirosnicenko (SimIndustries), Yang Qinglong (HNA), Li Zhenghong (HNA), Chu Baowen (HNA), Zhu Xiuchun (HNA), John O'Halloran (TTI), Andy Ramsden (TTI), Malcolm Blackwood (TTI), Dong Jinrong (HNA), Wang Xuguang (HNA), Wang Zhongying (HNA)

    Taking photo: Bob Earp (TTI)



    Graduates & Instructors ( l to r)

    Li (Alan) Qingxun (HNA), John O'Halloran (TTI),, Valentinas Mirosnicenko (SimIndustries), , Malcolm Blackwood (TTI), Andy Ramsden (TTI)

    Taking photo: Bob Earp (TTI)

  • Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific) - April 2014

    Graduates & Instructors ( l to r)

    Will Soo​ (CX), Malcolm Blackwood​ (TTI), Gary Brown (CX), Robert Yapp​ (HKCAD), Mark Leonczek (HKCAD), Nikail Malhotra (FSTC), John O'Halloran (CX/TTI), Kirwin (Koke) Killian (CX),  Andy Ramsden (TTI), Simon Scanlon (CX), Robert (Bob) Earp (TTI)

  • Amsterdam (FSC) - February 2014

    Graduates & Instructors ( l to r)

    Brian Hampson (TTI), Daulet Korzhumbayev (Kazakstan CAA), Sean Bennett (Irish CAA), Francisco Iglesias(FAASA), Yerzhan Bazbiyev (Kazakstan CAA), Faber B. Sitorus (Indonesia), William (Bill) Bates (Irish CAA), Ger Stipsen (FSC), Daniel Dewantoro Rumani (Indonesia), Dermot McCarthy (Irish CAA), Sabam D. Sulung (Indonesia), Arsanto Noorwahyu Widyantoro (Indonesia), Liina Kalm (Estonia CAA), Andy Ramsden (TTI)

    Taking picture, Bob Earp (TTI)

  • Zurich (SAT) - January 2014

    Graduates & Instructors

    Daniel Bischof (SAT), Michael Bühlmann (SAT), Frederic Dauffy (SAT), Bradley Fitzsimmons (Canadian DND), Eduardo Gavilán (SAT), Thomas Gnägi (REGA), Thomas Kunz (SAT), Carsten P. Madsen (Danish CAA), Manfred Saur (SAT), Rudolf Schmid (SAT), Michael Schofield (SAT), Willi Simic (REGA), Branko Sosnik (LIPICAN AER), Roland Waser (SAT), Brian Hampson (TTI), Andy Ramsden (TTI), Malcolm Blackwood (TTI), John O'Halloran (TTI).

    Taking picture, Bob Earp (TTI)

    NOTE: This course was a combined fixed-wing and helicopter course.