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  • Singapore (AATC) - May 2018

    Singapore (AATC) - May 2018

    Graduates & Instructors:

    front row (l - r)
    Capt. Darweesh Al ZAABI (Kuwait Airways), Capt. Kahlid ALSAMAK (Kuwait DGAC), Neil COTHRAN (TTI Instructor), Hooi Min LAU (TRU Malaysia), Mukesh KUMAR (Airbus India), Baldev SINGH (STAA), Wittaya JITRUSKA (AATC Bangkok),  Tore HANSEN (Norway CAA)

    back row (l - r)
    John O’HALLORAN (TTI Instructor), Nikolaj OLSEN (AATC Singapore), Stephen JENKINS (Fiji Airways), Captain Francisco CABRAL (AATC Singapore), Steve SMITH (TTI Instructor),  Vincent NEO, (AATC Singapore), Paul NAILATIKAU (Fiji Airways), Anon WANGBOON (AATC Bangkok), Guoliang SNG (AATC Singapore)

    taking picture - Robert (Bob) EARP (TTI Instructor)


    Singapore (AATC) - May 2018

    Graduates & Instructors (l - r)
    Captain Francisco CABRAL (AATC Singapore),  Wittaya JITRUSKA (AATC Bangkok),  Tore HANSEN (Norway CAA),  Paul NAILATIKAU (Fiji Airways),  Stephen JENKINS (Fiji Airways),  Nikolaj OLSEN (AATC Singapore),  Hooi Min LAU (TRU Malaysia),  Capt. Kahlid ALSAMAK (Kuwait DGAC),  Baldev SINGH (STAA),  Neil COTHRAN (TTI Instructor),  Capt. Darweesh Al ZAABI (Kuwait Airways),  Mukesh KUMAR (Airbus India),  Vincent NEO, (AATC Singapore),  Robert (Bob) EARP (TTI Instructor),  John O’HALLORAN (TTI Instructor),  Guoliang SNG (AATC Singapore),  Steve SMITH (TTI Instructor),   Anon WANGBOON (AATC Bangkok)

  • Sesto Calende Italy (RotorSim) - April 2018


    Sesto Calende Italy (RotorSim) - April 2018

    Graduates & Instructors (l to r)

    ​Capt. Theo HORSMAN (RNLAF), Davide Maria BECCACECI (RotorSim), Major Edgar VINK (RNLAF), Daniele ORSINI (RotorSim), Robert (Bob) EARP (TTI), Michel Patrick de KONING (RNLN),   Andy RAMSDEN (TTI), Lt Joep van den KIEBOOM (RNLN), Major Harm G. CAZEMIER (RNLAF), Lt Laurens JONKHEIJM (RNLAF), Don IRVING (TTI)

  • Farnborough UK (FSI) - March 2018

    Farnborough UK (FSI) - March 2018


    Graduates & Instructors

    (l to r)
    Arnoud van LEEUWEN (NLR), Michael PFEIL (CAE Germany), Kevin MASTERSON (IAA), Don IRVING (TTI), Tom PRYOR (FSI), Capt Ali ALMARRI (Kuwait Airways), Capt. Massimo FIORINI (NATO), Arron EDGHILL (FSI), Andy RAMSDEN (TTI)

    taking picture - Robert (Bob) EARP (TTI)

  • Singapore (AATC) - October 2017

    Singapore (AATC) - October 2018

    Graduates and Instructors:
    (front row l to r)
    Zulhilmi BUSRAH (Brunei MPTC), CHUNG Li Ping (AATC Singapore), LIM Theen Kim (Jonathan) (AATC Singapore), Capt. Kevin SISON (Cebu Pacific), Lucienne (Lucy) WIEDEMANN (LBA)

    (back row l to r)
     John O’HALLORAN (TTI), Antoine PACTON (AATC Singapore), Noel PABLO (Cebu Pacific), AUNG Chan Maye (Chris) (AATC Singapore), TAN Delun (AATC Singapore), Andy RAMSDEN (TTI), Richard COWARD (AATC Singapore), Neil COTHRAN (TTI)

    not in picture
    Steve SMITH (TTI), Robert (Bob) EARP (TTI)


  • Amsterdam (FSC) - July 2017

    Graduates - Johannesburg (SAA) June 2017

    Graduates and Instructors:

    (l to r)
    Marieke FIKKERT (Netherlands Royal Air Force), Johannes CAMPFENS (Netherlands Royal Air Force), Sascha KAEHLERT (Bundeswehr), Michael BECKER (Bundeswehr), Tuğba  ÜNLÜ TIMURKAYNAK (STM), Christian BAIER (Bundeswehr), Karl-Josef JAEGER (Bundeswehr), Alper KURDOĞLU (STM), Frank VAN DER LEEDEN (ILeT), Miroslav NIKOLOVSKI (LAT), Alfred TREICHLER (LAT), Andy RAMSDEN (TTI), Steve SMITH (TTI)

    not in picture
    Robert (Bob) EARP (TTI)