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  • Toronto (CAE) - February 2003

    Graduates & Instructors (not in order)

    Capt. Chen Li Ping  (CAAC), Guo Bin  (CAAC), Zhang Hangting  - CAAC), Capt Yang Jiong  (Air China), Rong Weigud (China Southern Airlines), Jiu Peng Li  (CAAC), Capt. Pu Rui Sheng  (CAAC), Fan Shunyu  (Air China), Yin Jun Hua  (CEA FTC), Capt. Xiong Jie  - CAAC), Capt. Li Lian Zhi  (CAAC), Zheng Gang  (CAAC), Xu Hong Bin  (CAAC), Brian Hampson (TTI), Joe DePaola (TTI), Murph Morrison (TTI, Bob Earp (TTI)

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  • Stockholm (SAS) - October 2002

    Sorry, picture & details not available yet...

    Two students from the RLD (The Netherlands), one student from the UK CAA., two students from the Korean CASA,one student from Flight Safety - Boeing Training (FSBTI in Korea, two students from ENAC - Italy, one student from City Line - Berlin, two students from the Swiss FOCA,  and one student from Gulf Air.

  • Frankfurt (Lufthansa) - September 2002

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    Janssen Chandra (Belgian CAA), Philippe d'homme (Belgian CAA), Kerry Booth (UK CAA), Jose Quintas (INAC Portugal), Jim Brady (Irish CAA), Mike Ross (Fedex), Trygve Anestat (Norwegian CAA), plus two students from the Korean NAA (KCASA).

  • Luton (Alteon) - June 2002

    Sorry, no picture available

    Graduates & Instructors

    Chris Willcocks (FSTBI), Mike Saladin (FSTBI), Eleni Theodoridou (Helenic CAA), Alexander Desillas (Helenic CAA), Sotiris Stamou (Helenic CAA), Cpt. Anastasios Pavlopoulos (Helenic CAA), Isisdro Medes Nunes (Portuguese CAA), Cpt. Jerry Liew Chew Seng (SIngapore CAA), Lt. Cdr. David Callister (Royal Navy), Cpt. Paul Mellor ( Britannia Airways), Yasar Keskik (Turkish Airlines), Cpt. Ole Oddan (SAS), Peter Barrack (UK CAA - Course Quality Inspector for the JAA), Joe DePaola (TTI), Murph Morrison (TTI), Brian Hampson (TTI), Bob Earp (TTI)

  • Stockholm (SAS) - November 2001

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