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  • London (British Airways) - October 2005

    Graduates & Instructors (not in order)

    Andre Souliere (Transport Canada), Jason Robinson (CueSIM), Mark Dart (cueSIM), Hans Hermansson (Scandinavian CAA), Capt. Kim Tae-Gow (Asiana), Caglar Eyigun (Havelsan), Ibraham Oguz Gul (Havelsan), Oguzham Dag (Havelsan), Riku Hakola  (Finnish CAA), George Rebender (JAA), Richard Hughes (British Airways), Kasim Yaldez (Havelsan), Joe Depaola (TTI), Murph  Morrison (TTI), Brian Hampson (TTI)

    Taking photo - Bob Earp (TTI)

  • London (British Airways) - June 2005

    Graduates & Instructors (not in order)

    Kevin Skilton (Bristish Airways), Kor Zeedijk, R. Nypjes (KLM Academy), Tito Pelliccetti  (ENAC Italy), Juan Esteban Garciá Schäfer  (NAPMA ), Lt. Col. Gero Ronneberger  (GEAF NATO), Chris Joseph  ( Britannia Airways), Dé Jansen  (IWV Netherlands), Comdte Valentino Poli (ENAC Italy), Genady Seryogin, Brian Hampson (TTI), Joe DePaola (TTI), Murph Morrison (TT)

    ​Taking photo - Bob Earp (TTI)

    We apologize for not being able to identify most of the students in the picture.  Should you be able to help us put names to faces, please contact us by clicking here... 

  • Stockholm (SAS) December 2004

    Sorry, no photograph available...

    Graduates & Instructors

    Lt. Col. Thomas Regner  (NATO),  Capt. Angelo Volpi (NATO),  Michael Wagner (Rheinmettall), Marco Rietuelt,  Robert Jon Venema (IVW Netherlands), Ian C Dunn (Irish CAA), Capt. Julio de Figueiredo  (INAC Portugal),  Heiko Nomden (JetNetherlands),  Jim Alford,  Brian Hampson (TTI), Joe DePaola (TTI), Murph Morrison (TTI, Bob Earp (TTI)

  • Stockholm (SAS) - August 2004

    Graduates & Instructors (not in order)

    Keith Elms (Alteon), Murph Morrison ( TTI), Joe DePaola  (TTI)), Phiip Swadling (Thales TSS Australia), Brian Hampson (TTI), Abd El-Aziz Sakr (Egyptair), Lim Tau Cep ( Malaysian Airlines), Lee Hak-Daz (Korean Aviation Institute), Amr Elrwany (Egyptair), Capt. Mah, Ching Po (Singapore CAA), Kim Yung Yook (Korean Airlines), Greg Maskell (Thales TSS Australia), Lee Su-Kyu ( Korean Aviation Institute)

    Not in photo:
    Bob Earp - TTI (taking photo)


  • Stockholm (SAS) - May 2004

    Sorry, photograph not available...

    Graduates & Instructors

    Jorge Nieto Recio  (Indra), Pablo Hernandez Coronado Quintero  (Indra), Victor López Fernandez  (Indra), Salvador Alepuz Romanajvera  (Indra), Brian Hampson (TTI), Joe DePaola (TTI), Murph Morrison (TTI, Bob Earp (TTI)