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  • London (British Airways) - December 2006

    Graduates & Instructors

    back row (l to r)
    Ersan Gubes (Havelsan), Brian Hampson (TTI), Sedar Korey Kaya (Havelsan), Murph Morrison (TTI), Fatih Ozcalik (Underdecretariat for , Defense Industries, Turkey), Ersel Cina (Havelsan), Hakan Isci (AS Simulation & Training Systems), Bob Earp (TTI), Aycan Okan (AS Simulation & Training Systems)

    front row (l to r)
    Joe Depaola (TTI), Gorkan Yuksei (Havelsan), Ahmet Guzeldereli (Havelsan), Tony Cordina, Oguzhan Selimoglu (Havelsan), Prof. Dr.Alim Rustyem Aslan​ (Istanbul Technical University), Koray Uyar (Havelsan), Nur Kalaycioglu (Havelsan)

  • Crawley (GECAT) - October 2006

    Graduates & Instructors (not in order)

    John Bewley (GECAT), Capt. John Sanders (GECAT), Capt. Brian Bradley (GECAT), Capt. James Leach (GECAT), Capt. Robert Katon (GECAT), J. Mills (GECAT), Capt. James Phethean (GECAT), Neil Davey (GECAT), Richard Coomey (GECAT), Brian Back (GECAT), Robert Lole (GECAT), Colin Bascombe (GECAT), David Huw Page (GECAT), Joe DePaola (TTI), Brian Hampson (TTI), Murph Morrison (TTI), 

    Taking photo: Bob Earp (TTI)

    We apologize for not being able to identify the students in the picture in order.  Should you be able to help us put names to faces, please contact us by clicking here... 

  • Crawley (Alteon) - September 2006

    Graduates & Instructors (not in order)

    Radzali Kassim (Malaysian CAA), Badrul Hisham Bahar (Royal Malaysian Police), Abdussamad Abdul Rahim (Royal Malaysian Police), Bokhari Abd Hamid (Royal Malaysian Police​), Gustav John (LBA), Eva Sanchez Jimenez (Indra), Brian Hampson (TTI), Capt. Geoff Kingsburgh (SACAA), Joe DePaola (TTI), Kevin Berry (FSI),  Brian Taylor (Alteon - Manchester), Jose Queudo Moreno (Alteon), Capt. O'Neil (Irish CAA),  Anuar Ahmad (Ikramatic Systems), Murph Morrison (TTI)

    Taking photo - Bob Earp (TTI)

  • London (British Airways) - March 2006


    Fernando de Meer Cerda - Indra, Sara Bellido Moreno - Indra, Rene Bok - Sim Industries, Lt Cdr. Dave Carr - Royal Navy, Philip Gill - British Airways, David Gomez -  Indra, Georges Rebender - JAA, Col. Richard Legue - Netherlands Military, Staffan Sonderberg - STK, Jose Granados - Indra, Jose Sanchez Felix – Indra, Gennady Seryogin - Russian Federation, Nataliya Starostina - Interpreter.

    Brian Hampson (TTI), Murph  Morrison ( TTI), Joe DePoala (TTI), Robert (Bob) Earp (TTI)

  • Lisbon & Evora (TAP & AAE) - March 2006

    Graduates & Instructors (not in order)

    Gorge Saldanhada Cruz (TAP), Endre Korody (Nyiregyhaza, Hungary), Sven Strom (Danish CAA), John W. Black (NATO Germany), Capt. Alberto Fernando (INAC), Patrick Desnet (NATO Germany), K. E. Wong (Singapore Airlines), Hélder A. Mendes (TAP), Capt. János Pincés (Hungarian CAA), Christian Winkler (Swiss Aviation Training), Urs Diethelm (Swiss Aviation Training), Chen Coong Chen (Singapore Airlines), Seunghun Yoo (Korean CAA), Luis Filipe Leal Xavier (TAP), Brian Hampson (TTI), Joe DePaola (TTI), Murph Morrison (TTI), Bob Earp (TTI).



    Aeronautical Academy of Europe (AAE)

    Our course in Portugal was greatly enhanced with a trip to Evora where all of the students had the opportunity to experience a range of FTD's and FNPT's at the excellent facilities of the Academia Aeronauticá de Évora S.A. (Aeronautical Academy of Evora - AAE).  We are most grateful to the kind hospitality of the AAE, TAP INAC and especially Louis Cardosa Ribeiro (JAA/EASA) for arranging this memorable visit.