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  • Dubai (Emirates CAE) - April 2009

    Graduates & Instructors

    (back row left to right)
    Luc Deschenes (CAE),  Demetrios Georgakis (CAE),  Mohamed Alkamali (GCAA - UAE),  Murph Morrosin (TTI),  Andy Ramsden (TTI),  Boo Song Kwang (CAAS - Singapore),  Capt. Ismail Almutawa (GCAA - UAE),  Capt. Mohamed K. Butaweel (GCAA - UAE)

    (middle row left to right)
    Capt. Liu, Kuang-Jen (Kevin)  (China Airlines),  Capt. Chang, Yen-Ping (Benson)  (China Airlines),  Lai, Ying-Feng (Frank)  (China Airlines),  Capt. Chan, Kok Leong (KC)  (CAAS - Singapore),  Brian Hampson (TTI),  Raphael Lee (China Airlines),  Anaziaz (Azzy)  Alkamali (GCAA - UAE),  

    (seated left to right)
    Chien, Fang-Lung (Charles)  (China Airlines),  Capt. Yuan, Pei-Hsien (Ben)  (China Airlines),  Capt. Remy Bahuon (Emirates-CAE Flight Training),  Capt. Liew, Shew Choi (CAAS - Singapore),  Capt. David Furniss (CAAS - Singapore)

    (in Link Trainer)
    Bob Earp (TTI)

    Not in photo:
    Joe DePaola (TTI)


  • Crawley (OAA) - March 2009

    Graduates & Instructors (left to right)

    Murph Morrison (TTI),  Neal Ambrose (OAA),  Joe DePaola (TTI),  Egidijus Simkus (Lithuanian CAA),  David Lee (OAA),  Darius Gintautas (Lithuanian CAA),  Egas Fino (EMPORDEF),  1st Lt. Sven Rehmstedt (German Army),  Capt. Graeme Carne (Flybe),  Brian Hampson (TTI),  Steven Simpson (Alteon),  Gerold Fuchs (Austrian CAA),  Capt. Dirk Holm-Bertelsen (German Army),  1st Lt. Norbert Gwosdek (German Army)

    Taking photo: Bob Earp (TTI)


  • Amsterdam (FSC) - January 2009

    Graduates & Instructors (left to right)

    Brian Hampson (TTI),  Captain Dr. Gerhard Schufmann (Emirates - CAE), Captain Mohammed Ahmad AL Saadi (GCAA - UAE),  José Carlos de Araûjo Vilaia Queirós (INAC),  Capt. Jose Eduardo Jesus (INAC),  Greta Paganelli (ENAV),  Andrew Ramsden (TTI),  Robert (Bob) Earp (TTI),  Michel van Lenthe (FSC),  Murph Morrison (TTI),  Capt. Lothar Thöne,  Mohamed Abdo (GCAA - UAE),  Capt. Christopher Caine (UK CAA),  Capt. Ronald Blume (LBA),  Ton van den Ahher (FSC),  Heinz Dolfen (Waffen Systems Kommande de Luftwaffe),  Capt. Paul Palacci (UK CAA),  Bert Küppers (CAE Electronik GmbH)

    Not in photo: Joe DePaola (TTI)


  • Crawley (OAA) - September 2008

    Graduates & Instructors ( l to r)

    Paul Tomlinson (OAA), Lt. Col Jürgen Wilken​ (GAF), Harald Knes (Austro-Control), HTPM Wilhelm Förster (GAF), Mohamed Radwan Batayneh (Jordanian CARC), Brian Hampson (TTI), Mohamed Mahmoud Salemeh Al-Husban (Jordanian CARC), Russell Benton (OAA), Alvimar de Lucena Costa Junior (Brazillian CAA),  Fred Wartenberg (GAF), Gerd Steinkamp (Diamond Simulation), Peter Gershi (GAF), Murph Morrison (TTI), Gary Winstanley (OAA), Andrew Bland (OAA)

    Not in photo, Joe DePaola (TTI
    Taking picture, Bob Earp (TTI)

  • Amsterdam (FSC) - April 2008 Session 2

    Graduates & Instructors (l - r)

    Brian Hampson (TTI), Joe DePaola (TTI), Jesper Grau (OAA), Gerhard Lippitsch (Austro Control), George Konistis (Helenic CAA), Richard Davey (Alteon), Gerhardus Jan Slikker (FSC), Marco Ligtenberg (FSC), Roland Ströman (Sweden CAA), Jan Lingemark (OAA), Murph Morrison (TTI)

    Taking photo - Bob Earp (TTI)