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  • Amsterdam (FSC) - January 2010

    Graduates & Instructors (l to r)

    Brian Hampson (TTI), Samuel Vlaminck (Belgian CAA), Capt. Fahad Al-Musallam (Kuwait Airways), Joe DePaola (TTI), Capt. Mohammed Hussain Safar (Kuwait Airways), Wolfgang Radl (Jet Alliance Technical Services GmbH), Bob Earp (TTI), Nicholas Butterfield (Irish CAA), Murph Morrison (TTI), Franziska Scholtz (LBA), Carsten Mildt (LBA), Hendrik - Jan Van den Berg (FSC)


  • Madrid (CAE) - November 2009

    Graduates & Instructors (l to r)

    Isaac Solano (EADS - CASA), Ugur Sũbũtay (THY), Joe DePaola (TTI), Malcom Blackwood (TTI), Manuel Iglesias Zapico (EADS - CASA), Eric Engelsman (EADS - CASA), Javier Roldán (EADS - CASA), Brian Hampson (TTI), Julio Barrantes Astudillo (EADS - CASA), José Bernado Pérez Sánchez (EADS - CASA), Rubén Gómez Marqués (EADS - CASA), Pedro M. Rodríguez Alcántara (EADS - CASA), Jesus Lara (Boeing), Marta Goméz Pérez (EADS - CASA), José M. Fandiño Seijo (EADS - CASA)

    Taking Picture: Bob Earp (TTI)


  • Dubai (Emirates CAE) - October 2009

    Graduates & Instructors (l to r)

    Phillip Hui (CAE), Captain Pu Ruisheng  (China Southern Airlines), Yin Jun Hua (China Eastern Airlines), Li Jun (China Eastern Airlines) , Wang Zhenwei ( COMAC ), Fan Shunyu (Air China), Captain Chen Li Ping (CAAC), Rong Weiguo (China Southern Airlines), Andy Ramsden (TTI), Hu Wei (CAE), Brian Hampson (TTI), Murph Morrison (TTI), Captain Chen Dong (CAAC), Deng Jun (Air China), Inspector Zhang Lingzhi (CAAC), Ren Le Jiang (China Southern Airlines)

    Taking Photo: Bob Earp (TTI)


  • Sesto, Italy (Rotorsim) - October 2009

    Graduates & Instructors (left to right)

    Andrea Renate Doglio (AugustaWestland),  Marco Prella (Rotorsim),  Alrik Hoencamp (Royal Netherlands Navy),  Michael Heinzel (CAE Germany),  Jaap Kunst (Royal Netherlands Navy),  Ronald Rosito (CAE/Rotorsim),  Brian Hampson (TTI),  Gerrie Jongeneelen (Royal Netherlands Navy),  Rijk de Waal (Royal Netherlands Navy),  Fillipo Di Silvestro (AugustWestland),  Riccardo Cosimato (AugustaWestland),  Joe DePaola (TTI),  Frank Muller (Royal Netherlands Navy),  Murph Morrison (TTI),  Bob Earp (TTI),  Stefano Ceriani (AugustaWestland)


  • Amsterdam (FSC) - August 2009

    Graduates & Instructors (left to right)

    Herman Koolstra (Netherlands MOD),  Matthew Heron (FSETA),  Capt. Michael Fitz Costa (OAA Hong Kong),  Antonio Pineda (FSETA),  Capt. Tan Ah Ung (CAAS),  Brian Hampson (TTI),  Michael Pang (CAAS),  Markku Arjamaa (Finnish CAA),  Bjorn Veerman (FSC),  Joe DePaola (TTI),  Peter Verhagen (FSC),  Murph Morrison (TTI)

    Not in photo:    Capt. C. J. W.  Erasmus (CAAS), Bob Earp (TTI - taking photo)