Locations, price and payment

Course locations

Our courses are conducted at various locations in the world according to the preferences of the majority of the students registered at one time, and where we can arrange access to suitable FSTD's and a classroom. We typically choose flight crew training centers such as those at the Airbus Asia Training Centre (AATC) in Singapore, Cathay Pacific Airlines in Hong Kong, the FSC Training Centre in Amsterdam, Lufthansa Aviation Training Switzerland in Zurich, FSI in Farnborough,  AgustaWestland in Sesto, Italy, South African Airways in Johannesburg, and Emirates-CAE Training Centre at Dubai, UAE.  Take a look at our Graduates page to see where we have conducted our courses world-wide...

Accommodation & Transportation

At many of the locations we run courses, the FSTD operator has arranged special accommodation and ground transportation deals with a local hotel.  When available, these are offered by the training centre we use, not TTI.   If requested, TTI will advise these recommendations and how to make reservations for them. Please note that TTI cannot make reservations for you as these arrangements are solely through the training centre we use.  Also, payment for these must be made by the individual student.

Price and payment

The prices for our courses may vary slightly according to where they are conducted in the world, and when they are conducted.  This is due to our costs of travel, accommodation and facilities rental varying.  Specific prices will be quoted to you upon your expression of interest to register for a specific course, but for budgetary purposes please use the following budgetary prices;

  • 3 day Abbreviated course EUR €1850 per student inclusive of all materials
  • 5 day FSTD Evaluators course price is EUR €5350 per student inclusive of all materials and 3 hands-on FSTD exercises.  Please note that this price may vary in some locations due to changes in costs and will be quoted on a case by case basis.
  • ​6 day FSTD Evaluators course price is EUR €5650 per student inclusive of all materials and 4 hands-on FSTD exercises. Please note that this price may vary in some locations due to changes in costs and will be quoted on a case by case basis.

We request pre-payment of the course fees by electronic transfer, details for this will be provided on our invoice.  

Courses can also be planned, negotiated and priced at a venue of your choosing.  Discounts for volume may be available upon request.

Please be aware that due to our having to commit to non-refundable expenses some considerable time prior to running our courses, such as simulator rental, we must invoke a cancelation policy.  Details of this policy can be found by clicking here...



Although recognized and supported by the many National Aviation Authorities (NAA's) and the European JAA-TO, intending students should be aware that other NAA requirements must be met in order to qualify for a NAA Inspector position.

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