Abbreviated/Recurrent Course

Abbreviated course objectives

The objective of this course is to introduce managers and administrators to the task of Flight Simulation Training Device - FSTD (flight simulator) evaluations and qualifications.  It is also very applicable for previous graduates of one of our full courses who wish to get refresher training on the latest regulations and technology being used, and also learn about what changes are likely to happen in the future.

This course is usually run concurrently with our 5-day or 6-day FSTD Evaluators courses and addresses the key items needed to understand the regulations, standards, processes and document requirements for commercial FSTD operations, and what can be used for military FSTD operations.

This course also aims at introducing Regulatory Authority Inspectors and personnel of Operators or FSTD Manufacturers, who may be responsible for management or administration of FSTD's.  Training will be provided in the interpretation and implementation of current regulations and standards related to FSTD's.  We make sure that students comprehend how and why we conduct evaluations and qualifications in the manner established, which means the intent of the whole process is understood, not just what is written in the regulations and standards.

This course is a good foundation for prospective evaluators. You get to learn from a team of experts, and the benefit of their many years of experience.

To become a qualified NAA / EASA Inspector other requirements must be met that are, currently, set by the individual NAA. Most NAA's require their inspectors to have completed the TTI 5-day or 6-day course, or a similar one, as part of their training towards being recognised as an inspector.

Should your requirements be greater, including hands-on training and practice of QTG checks and the analysis of results, you may wish to consider our 5-day or 6-day  FSTD Evaluators course.  Click here for more details...

Abbreviated course duration

3 days and, usually, run concurrently with our 5-day and 6-day FSTD Evaluators courses.

Sample Schedules

Sample Schedule for a combined 6 Day FSTD Evlauators Course and Abbreviated Evaluators Course

Sample Schedule for a combined 5 day FSTD Evaluators Course and Abbreviated Evaluators Course