FSTD Evaluators Course (5-day)

Covering all types of Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD's), this course aims at preparing individuals who are involved with or responsible for carrying out the evaluation and qualification of FSTD's.  It is an in-depth course with considerable hands-on classroom & FSTD sessions for both testing and analysis.  Contact us for registration...

FSTD Evaluators Course (6-day)

This is an extended version of the 5-day FSTD Evaluators course for those individuals who desire additional hands-on sessions.  It is run as an on-demand basis.  Contact us for registration..

FSTD Abbreviated/Refresher Course

This is a 3 day abbreviated FSTD Evaluators course and generally run concurrently with the full courses.  It covers a large portion of the theory of FSTD evaluation but does not include any hands-on exercises and FSTD sessions as do our full courses.  It focuses on the requirements of an operator to prepare and maintain a FSTD to international standards, including regulations, practices and processes, and is best suited to people associated with FSTD evaluations and qualifications on the periphery.  

This course is also very applicable for those people that have previously graduated from one of our full courses, and wish to get some refresher training on the latest regulations, standards and technology of s FSTD.   Contact us for registration..

Custom Courses and Locations

Custom courses are available for a variety of subjects and audiences.  In addition, we can conduct our courses in your location.  Please contact us with your requirement details