Steve Smith

Based in Hong Kong, Steve is a core member of TTI.  Steve's long career in FSTD's includes engineering and design, and flight testing, and he's regularly sought to conduct FSTD evaluations on behalf of various NAA's including the UK CAA and EASA.


  Steve Smith - Biography

Steve Smith has been deeply involved in the engineering, design and testing of FSTD's for 43 years.  His experience includes;

  • EASA Flight Simulator Technical Inspector – Initial & Recurrent Qualifications​
  • Aircraft and Simulator Test Section Management  - Airline/Flight Operations, Cathay Pacific Airlines
  • Airworthiness Flight Test - AFT schedule development, test flight crew
    • Airbus A300, A330, A340-300/600
    • Boeing B747-200/300/400/-8F, B777-RR/GE, A320 (FFS only)
    • 475+hr Airbus Airworthiness Flight Test crew
    • A300:166hr, A330:142hr, A340:166hr
    • 420+hr Boeing Airworthiness Flight Test crew
    • B747-200/300/400: 220hr
    • B747-8F: 25hr
    • B777-200/300/300ER: 175hr
  • AFM management (airworthiness responsibilities)
  • FFS Inspection (as Regulator [HKCAD])
  • FFS acceptance/development (as Customer/Operator)
  • FFS acceptance test development (as Supplier) (internal QC function)
  • FFS design/development/qualification (Autoflight Systems) – A320 FFS at Rediffusion Simulation Ltd, UK
  • RAAF trainer aircraft handling qualities design (MIL-8785C)
  • R&D flight simulation (including hardware-in-loop)
  • Aircraft, guided weapon, target drone design/development (automatic flight control systems, aircraft systems Flight Test Engineer experience)