Brian Hampson

Brian is a founding member of Training Technology International.  Based in Montreal, he specializes in the regulatory aspects of FSTD qualifications and use.

Brian Hampson - Biography                                                                                                  

Brian completed his aeronautical engineering training in the Royal Navy following this with service on both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. On leaving the RN he joined British Airways ( then B.O.A.C.) flying for some 27 years as a Flight Engineering Officer and then Instructor and Check Engineer. During the last 12 years of this service he became Operation Superintendent, Flight Simulators, in which position he was responsible for the operational fidelity of all BOAC and later BA simulators as well as for the procurement of new ones. He continued to fly whilst holding this position but upon retiring joined CAE to run their Evaluation Pilot Department.

Later he moved to Project Engineering as the Manager and then Program Engineering. In 1992 he was given the role of Director of Operations Engineering which allowed him to become exceptionally active in forging JAR-STD and with the RAeS International Working Group the International Qualification test Guide from which the ICAO Manual of Criteria for the Qualification of Flight Simulators was derived. His successful Chairmanship of this task earned him the RAeS Silver Medal in 1992 and a full Fellowship of the RAeS. He had also been a major player with the late Ed Boothe (FAA National Simulator Program Manager) in the FAA Advanced Simulator Plan and the development of AC120-40 (Fixed wing FFS) & AC 120-63 (Rotary Wing FFS). In fact, I do not know of anybody more qualified in the FAA or JAA simulator regulations and he continues to be very active trying to improve both training & simulator quality in an economical manner through the regulations.

Brian is a Member Emeritus of the RAeS Flight Simulation group of which he has been a member since its inception in 1970. He is currently Vice Chairman of the RAeS Steering Group that manages the International Working Group, tasked with revising simulator standards internationally and the development of the 3rd Edition of the ICAO Manual of Criteria for the Qualification of Flight Simulation Training Devices (MCQFSTD) which was published in 2009.  He continued in a similar role in respect of the Volume II., covering rotary wing aircraft that was, finally, published by ICAO in 2012. When the International Committee was formed by the RAeS to oversee future amendments to the new ICAO documents Brian was again nominated as one of its Steering Group.