Andrew (Andy) Ramsden

Based in the UK, Andy is a core member of TTI.  His background is engineering and he specializes in visual systems.

 Andy Ramsden - Biography

Andy Ramsden has had 48 years experience in the Flight simulation industry starting as an apprentice in Redifon Flight Simulation. His primary focus has been of Visual Systems starting on Camera/Model Board systems and then moving through the early development of computer generated systems up to the current CGI and display technologies.

Over the years he has held management positions directing and controlling Engineering Policies to maintain product standardization and control application of new products. Some of these included the introduced of LCoS display technology and working with Regulatory authorities to define requirements for this new technology. Also he worked as Visual Task Team Leader on the Royal Aeronautical Society International Working Group to update the ICAO 9625 Manual of Criteria for the Qualification of Flight Simulation Training Devices volume 1 and 2.

Andy has been a member of the International Committee on FSTD Qualification to maintain ICAO 9625 document standards and has provided expert presentations to FAA and CAA on visual related topics. 

In 2008 he was presented with the Edwin A Link award for Vision and Excellence in simulation support.
He has now retired from full time work with Rockwell Collins but continues to provide advice and guidance through TTI.