Our Team

The Training Technology International team is a close and complimentary relationship of expert individuals in our industry.  Below are brief outlines of the individuals involved.  Please click on an individuals  name or the link at the end of the outline to review their full profile.

  • Robert (Bob) Earp

    Bob is a founding member of TTI.  His background is engineering and operations, and he is based in British Columbia, Canada.


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  • Andrew (Andy) Ramsden

    Based in the UK, Andy is a core member of TTI.  His background is engineering and he specializes in visual systems.

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  • Malcolm Blackwood

    Based in the UK, Malcolm is core member of TTI.  Malcolm's background is in FSTD engineering, and he specializes in updates and upgrades.


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  • John O’Halloran

    Based in Brisbane, John is a core member of TTI.  As a test pilot he has a vast background in aircraft and simulator operations, development and assessment.

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  • Steve Smith

    Based in Hong Kong, Steve is a core member of TTI.  Steve's long career in FSTD's includes engineering and design, and flight testing, and he's regularly sought to conduct FSTD evaluations on behalf of various NAA's including the UK CAA and EASA.

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  • Don Irving

    Based in Scotland, Don is a long time associate of TTI.  Don has a very comprehensive background in FSTD engineering, and these days he specializes in evaluations and qualifications with the UK CAA and EASA. 

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  • Neil Cothran

    Based in Hong Kong, Neil is an associate of TTI.  Neil's long career in FSTD's includes the maintenance and quality management of commercial operations, and aircraft flight testing.  He's been deeply involved in the engineering, design and testing of 

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