Need some expert help ?

We are a unique consortium of flight operations, training, and engineering professionals located world-wide.  Our expertise is regularly sought by many world-wide entities, including National Aviation Authorities, training centres, FSTD operators, manufacturers, military organizations, international working groups, universities, and government bodies.  

These are just some of the areas we provide help with:

  • Acquisition and commissioning of FSTD's, training equipment and eLearning solutions
  • Evaluation of simulators and training equipment to international qualification standards
  • Review and development of Qualification Test Guides (QTG's) 
  • Liaison with the regulatory authorities on your behalf
  • Updates and upgrades to FSTD's and other training equipment
  • Design and construction of training facilities
  • Training for military personnel posted to simulator engineering maintenance, procurement or simulator support duties
  • Consulting services for training organizations and training processes to international standards
  • eLearning analysis and development
  • Development and delivery of specialized training programs
  • Project management for the development of training organizations and acquisition of equipment
  • Relocation and installation of training equipment
  • Needs analysis and business planning
  • Selection of training and business solutions

...and much more !!

Please contact us with your requirements...