Company History

In 1989 Brian Hampson saw that there was a need to assist the many new and existing simulator operators to understand the regulations and operational requirements of operating Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD's - Flight Simulators). Having been heavily involved in the establishment of the, then, new regulations, he decided to contact Joe De Paola, Bob Earp, Murph Morrison, Ed Boothe, and John Cowell, all personal friends that shared his insight and goals.  He invited them to join with him to form Training Technology International Ltd. with the prime objective of providing superior quality simulation support.

At around the same time, we were approached by the JAA and ask to consider establishing a training course for regulators so that they would be better prepared to conduct evaluations of FSTD's and to ensure they met the regulations and standards.  There was also a strong desire to convey the intent of the regulations as they were not made clear in the documentation, and who better to do this than a group of individuals who had been (and still are) heavily involved in the establishment of them.

Over the 30+ years providing these services, we have helped many regulators, operators, manufacturers and other organizations from across the world. We specialize in consulting on the evaluation and qualification of FSTD's and also provide the only FSTD Evaluators course. We have become accepted as the most experienced and knowledgeable organization in the field of FSTD evaluations and qualifications in the world. Attendance at one of our Evaluators Courses is often used as the standard requirement for regulators and operators who wish to evaluate FSTD.

Our team has grown in some areas bringing on even more expertise and capabilities.  We are based in North America, Europe and the Asia - Pacific region. Providing our services world-wide, we are fully conversant with all recognized international standards, and remaining abreast of technological and regulatory changes, and operator requirements, means we can provide superior simulator support to all facets of our industry.  

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