Training Courses

Covering all types of Flight Simulation Training Devices and all regulations used internationally, our Evaluators Courses course prepares individuals who are involved with, or responsible for, the evaluation and qualification of FSTD's.  Our full courses are very in-depth and include considerable hands-on FSTD sessions for both testing and analysis.

Looking for refresher training ?

Rules, regulations and technology continually change in our industry, and it is a challenge to remain ahead of the game.  If you are a previous graduate of ours, or just require some refresher or recurrent training, check out our 3 day abbreviated course...


  • The information that you have just provided is extremely useful and could be used as a guide in developing our own checklist. I will definitely be keeping in touch with you.

    Your team at TTI demonstrated excellent knowledge and professionalism while conducting the course. I am glad to say that we are very impressed.

    - Captain, CAA of Singapore